Tax and accounting regulations

Summary of Requirements for a Anguilla IBC

General Information
Type of Company IBC
Timescale to incorporate 2 working days
Corporate Taxation Nil
Double Tax Treaty Access: No.
Minimum No. Required 1, Corporate Directors are permitted
Local Director Required No
Publicly accessible information No
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Minimum No. Required 1, 100% foreign shareholders allowed
Publicly accessible information No
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary
Required Optional
Local Secretary Required N/A
Registered Office / Agent Required Yes
Share Capital
Standard Currency USD
Standard Authorised USD 50,000.00
Minimum Paid Up Capital USD 1.00
Accounting & Compliance
Requirements to prepare Accounts Yes
Requirement for Audit No
Local Auditor Required N/A
Requirement to File Accounts No
Requirement to file Annual Return  No
Additional Information
Bank Account Opening Eltoma Corporate Services can open a bank account in Cyprus for a Anguilla Company without presence. We can also offer bank accounts in a number of other jurisdictions, please contact us for information.