Key benefits of jurisdiction

Anguilla is a British overseas territory and is the northernmost island in the Leeward chain, located just a short distance from Puerto Rica. As a former British Colony English is widely spoken and the legal system is based on English Law.

Anguilla has few natural resources and the economy depends heavily on tourism and offshore banking and corporate services. Anguillan officials have put substantial effort into developing the offshore financial sector which has grown consistently.

Anguilla is a true neutral tax jurisdiction and has numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Anguilla offers an excellent degree of political stability
  • The legal system in Anguilla is common law based on English Law
  • Zero taxation on corporations or individuals, residing on the island or not. Includes capital gains, profit and income tax. This makes Anguilla an attractive jurisdiction in which to base financial services and assets.
  • No requirement for submission of Annual Returns or Financial Statements.
  • Highly professional and experienced professionals (Lawyers, Accountants, Corporate Service providers) in order to provide support.