EU: Ryanair Cancels 20+ Flights as Cabin Crew Strikes

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On Thursday, Ryanair cancelled 20+ flights to and from airports in Portugal on the 1st of 3 days of planned cabin crew union strikes according to information on the airline’s website.

Europe’s largest low-cost carrier conducts approximately 2,000 flights every single day has never experienced such major disruption like this due to strikes.

Moreover, Ryanair has accused members of the union from rival airlines such as EasyJet and TAP of orchestrating the strike in order to disrupt its operations; a charge which the union has rejected according the sources.

Last week, the SNPVAC union in Portugal confirmed that they were going to hold strikes on the 29th March, 1st of April and the 4th of April stating that the management had failed to fulfill their demands in regards to working conditions.

Following this, representatives of the union said that the strikes were initiated due to below-par working conditions, including threats for not reaching in-flight sales targets and disciplinary processes.