Russian Rocket Tests in Baltic Sea

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On the 4th of April, Russia started testing missiles with live munitions in the Baltic Sea. This alarmed Latvia, a member of NATO, who have stated that the drills have made it partly shut down Baltic commercial airspace.

The Baltic Fleet was preparing for training in the Baltic Sea, which would include live fire drills in order to practice hitting sea and air targets according to the Russian defense ministry.

Latvia’s exclusive economic zone is the location of the tests that are being carried out, which is an area of the sea just past Latvia’s territorial waters where Latvia has special economic rights, as well as further west in the Baltic Sea.

Riga has closed a part of its airspace for the 3 days of the tests. In addition, Sweden are said to have also released a warning to civilian sea traffic and stating that there could be disruption and delays to civilian air traffic.

The military rills and missile tests continue Russia’s war games last September, which ventured from the Baltics to the Black Sea. Said exercises agitated the West due to their scope,scale and what NATO has stated as a lack of transparency.