Russian embargo – a chance for Cyprus to find new markets?

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The Russian embargo could be a good chance for Cyprus to find new importers. Cyprus Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis suggested that some products affected by the Russian embargo on the EU would be sold to other markets.

One of the potential markets is the United Arab Emirates. Traders from the United Arab Emirates interested in importing agricultural products will arrive to the island next week. The minister announced that the meetings with the UAE traders and Cypriot exporters were scheduled.

Mr Kouyialis said the aim was to establish a broader cooperation, beyond the products affected by the Russian embargo.

The quantities of vegetables included in the ban were not large, the minister said. Mostly affected were Cypriot citrus products, especially mandora, a cross between mandarin and orange.

In 2013 exports of Cypriot citrus to Russia reached €10.7 million. The total export volume was around €13.5 million in 2013, including citrus, fish, vegetables, dairy, and fruit.