Russia still plays active role in foreign investments

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Despite the sanctions, Russia continues to play an active role of investing in foreign countries. According to the UN Conference on trade & development (UNCTAD) published on Monday, Russia is in sixth place worldwide for the volume of external investments.
The world leader of investments still remains the USA. Last year spending $337 billion. Hong Kong is in second place with $150 billion, and China takes third place, having invested $116 billion abroad.

Traditionally the most attractive markets for Russia are Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus and other European countries. Before the start of the crisis the US has also been a popular place for investments, but due to sanctions now this market is on hold for Russia.

As per the results of 2015 and according to experts opinion, Russian investments abroad may be reduced. Decrease in availability of external loans and the general economy weakening is the reason for that. Most analysts expect an increase in inflow of the Russian investments into the CIS countries. In these tough markets Russia has almost no competitors, and taking into account good economic relations and joint projects in energy and the industrial businesses the return is supposed to be beneficial for most.

Generally, economists consider that in general, foreign investments into Russia will decrease. International organisational forecasts predict that the recession will continue in 2016 too.