Relatively calm as Banks reopen in Cyprus

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ciudadano-Chipre-apertura-sucursales-EFE_EDIIMA20130328_0259_13 The chaos that was expected yesterday as banks reopened after two weeks of forced holidays was just a fear as the reality translates in relatively calm and patient. Long queues formed from early in the morning although banks were not to open until noon but at early afternoon the queues disappear without a single incident in the whole island. Private security only allowed 5 people inside the banks at a time, priority given to the elderly. Bank staff tuned up for work early as cash was delivered by armored trucks. Even though the European central Bank flew 5.0 billion euros to the island late on Wednesday the capital restrictions keep on and the withdrawals limits are 300 euros per person per day. A police source affirmed to Reuters that passengers leaving Cypriot airports were subject to extra searches due to the limit of 1,000 euros limit on taking cash abroad. Froso Kokikou, pensioner, explained while waiting in the queue ‘I feel a sense of fear and disappointment having to queue up like this; it feels like a Third World Country, but what can you do? This is what they imposed to us and we have to live with it’.