Putin wants to keep foreign companies in the state procurement system

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The president of Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin has spoken publicly, stating that it would be wrong to expel foreign-funded companies from the system of state procurement. It has been aired within the ‘Business Russia’ forum and broadcast on the Russia 24 channel.
According to current legislation, foreign-funded companies are entitled to participate in the system of state procurements. Currently, regarding the law on state procurements, preference is given to domestic goods. i.e when international goods are of equal quality, the Russian goods are preferable in case the price does not exceed the foreign one by more than 15%.

In April, 2015 the National Audit office chairman Tatyana Golikova declared that in 2014 the office checked 280 state procurements of 1.3 trillion rubles and found out that the fifth part of this money left abroad.

In February 2014, the administration in Russia scarificed a complete ban on participation of the foreign companies in state procurements. State legal and expert managements of administration drew the negative conclusion on measures offered by deputies for the deoffshorisation of the Russian economy.