OECD launches survey on tax certainty for all European businesses

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The OECD was given a commendation from Finance Ministers & G20 Leaders to continue work on solutions to support increased certainty in the tax system in order to promote balanced growth, and increase trade and global growth.
The OECD has devised a business survey to invite companies & investors to write their views of their understanding of the current tax laws in part of a wider initiative. Senior tax specialists are invited to contribute and share their views & experience to support the development of a more pragmatic & tangible policy to help foster reliance and in the current tax system.

The survey is running from October 19th through to the end of the year (December 17th is the date the last submissions will be counted) and will be a great opportunity to identify any specific tax issues for the upcoming G20 tax agenda and is thought will outline better solutions for an improved and reliable tax system.