Occupied Trikomo is planning to become a Chinese village

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As a Turkish Cypriot media reported, occupied Trikomo has attracted the close interest of Chinese investors. As stated by the TC newspaper, the Chinese investors are looking into all British, Russian and Scandinavian interest.
The Chinese businessman and Director of ZhongSai Development Ltd, You Fei Ma, will cooperate with the Turkish Cypriot Noyan Group to make an investment in the area, as it was written in Kibris. As it is expected, close to 140 apartments and 52 duplex villas will be constructed. You Fei Ma has already purchased 26 donums of land in occupied Trikomo, and he is expected to lay the foundations of the project until the end of the month, in cooperation with the Turkish Cypriot Noyan Group.

As the reports stated, their goal is to finish the project within one year since 18 of the apartments have already been sold. The Directors of both investing companies have visited the ‘mayor’ of occupied Trikomo, Hasan Sadikoglu in order to brief him about the project.

You Fei Ma stated that they preferred occupied Trikomo because the area had not yet been developed.