OCBC introduces facial recognition for banking apps

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The OCBC Bank have recently launched in-app technology called OCBC OneLook which involves facial identification technology for their customers who have consumer and mobile banking applications.

Due to the new technology, the mobile banking app is expected to have over 120,000 users. The technology will allow consumers to make payments and view their bank accounts, credit card and investment information.

OCBC OneLook has been initiated alongside the banks’ applications such as OCBC Mobile Banking, OCBC Business Mobile Banking, OCBC Pay Anyone and OCBC OneWealth.

The new technology is the first service in Singapore that will use facial recognition which was recently launched alongside the new Apple iPhone X, according to a recent press release.

In order to starting using OCBC OneLook, the users have to complete a one-time activation on their OCBC mobile apps on their iPhone X. OCBC OneLook also has a “liveness detection” in order to ensure that it is a real person and not simply a person with a face mask on looking at the camera.