New Cyprus talks must offer political certainty to Turkish Cypriots, according to official

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A senior Turkish Cypriot official has stated that the Cyprus reunification talks should only continue if the political position of Turkish Cypriots is discussed.

According to the chief Turkish Cypriot negotiator, Ozdil Nami, Turkish Cypriots need assurance that their political status would be clarified if the talks were to end in failure.

The talks to unite Cyprus resulted in failure in July which ended a very promising series of negotiations in hopes to find a solution to the conflict.

Each side blamed each other for sabotaging an agreement that could have produced a united island under a two-zone federal system. Northern Cyprus, with a small shift of the current borders, would have become a “constituent state” of the new national system.

For Greek Cypriots, any recognition of the northern part of the country without reunification is inconceivable.

Nami has stated that “in order for us to have a credible process we must be able to tell our people this process will have a specific end period, at the end of which, a decision will be taken”.