New Companies and Employees are Added to an Offshore Leaks Database

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Last week, on February 14th, more than 85,000 companies and over 110,000 employees from the so-called Paradise Papers have been added to an ‘offshore leaks’ database. Currently, more than 785,000 trusts, companies, and funds, as well as over 720,000 secretaries are now listed in the database of the International Consortium for Offshore Leaks.

In November 2017, the Investigative Journalists published data on the Appleby offshore law firm, dating back to a period of more than six years to 2014. The report contained information about the companies incorporated in approximately 30 offshore jurisdictions. A month later, the International Organisation of Investigative Journalists published additional information from corporate registries of the four secret jurisdictions that had appeared in the Paradise Papers’ study, namely Barbados, The Bahamas, Aruba, and Nevis.