New Ambassador to Nicosia Stanislav Osadchiy - Confirms Russian Interest in Cyprus

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Flag of CyprusAfter meeting with a delegation in Cyprus, the new Russian Ambassador – Mr Stanislav Osadchiy has confirmed that Russian investors are still interested in investing in Cyprus. He had noted that once restrictions in capital movements are lifted it will assist in the interest of Russian cooperation with Cyprus. Finally, Mr Osadichy also expressed his support for a solution of the Cyprus problem in conjunction with a UN resolution. The delegation thanked the Ambassador and proposed a meeting of the presidents for the two countries to further develop ties between Cyprus and Russia. If you have interest in investing in Cyprus, Eltoma Corporate Services can assist with worldwide bank accounts for deposits and payment of goods on behalf of the seller and buyer… Internet banking assists for transfer of funds from account to account and bank cards that are issued with worldwide accounts can be used within Cyprus. Please call us for various options that we can provide.