Nano-Flats More Common as Homes in Hong Kong Continue to Shrink

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Young professionals in Hong Kong are living in “nano-flats” and co-shares as homes continue shrinking.

Tower blocks of miniature apartments with the latest technology continue to pop up everywhere but at a considerably high cost.

For example, Adrian Law, 25, finance worker, paid over HK$6 million (USD $765,000) 2 years ago for his small studio apartment in a new development in the Sai Ying Pun neighbourhood.

The “nano-flats” relate to homes of under 215 square feet (20 square metres). In comparison, Law’s studio is a little bit bigger at 292 square feet, with a price per square foot of approximately HK$20,000.

Moreover, he has become accustomed to the very limited space by purchasing some transformable furniture, as his bed folds away against the wall to show a desk hidden underneath. He also keeps the majority of his belongings at his parents’ home.

However, with a fingerprint-activated door lock, TV, fridge, washing machine and even curtains, Law states that he has everything he needs in his flat.