Moscow: president Nicos Anastasiades organized a meeting with 60 high-profile Russian entrepreneurs

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Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) organized a meeting between Cyprus president Nicos Anastasiades and 60 high-profile Russian entrepreneurs. The event took place on Monday, October 23, 2017 in the heart of Russia’s capital, at Ritz Carton on Red Square. The turnout to the event was impressive and was described as the biggest gathering of its kind to this date. It shows the close economic, cultural and diplomatic ties that Russia and Cyprus share.
Despite Cyprus being a EU member and having to abide by the bloc’s decision, the country used its voice in Brussels to ease the sanctions.
In return, Russian FDI helped Cyprus reach an impressive 9.1% growth in 2016. The president praised the long-lasting, trustworthy, amicable and mutually beneficial relationship at economic, business and political level