Moelis & Co: Serious Backlash Over Email to Overworked Junior Bankers

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Moelis & Co, the boutique investment bank, has went on from success to success and also ranked 4th amongst boutique bank in the 1st quarter with USD $85 million in fees according to sources.

According to sources however, one of the bankers recently sent an email at 12:30am to the junior professionals, known as analysts, complaining that he had just walked around the New York and only saw 11 of them at their desks.

The boutique bank declined to comment on the email however one spokeswoman from Moelis & Co stated that the firm know that their staff can effectively complete their work whether they are being supervised at their desks or not.

The email receives serious backlash given a recent Moelis’ tragedy. Thomas Hughes, junior banker, jumped to his death outside his apartment in 2015.

According to reports, Hughes was high on cocaine and a designer drug known as “bath salts”. Moreover, he had recently returned from a business trip and went to his office and worked from 6pm to 1am. Once home, he continued working by responding to emails until 9:45am after which he committed suicide around 10am.