Mixed reviews about the global economy forecast for 2016

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Global economy giants could face decline in terms of growth, increased debts and the sustainability of even more ageing populations in 2016.
The worsening state of the global economy was an issue discussed at The Investment Expert Conference 2015, which took place in Cyprus last Friday.

Ernesto Prado, CEO of Swiss Ayaltis AG commented “The global economy has been under hard ‘medication’ for the past six years” adding that “the solution for today’s investor is the switch to alternative investments”.

Frederick Dubignon, CEO of Byron Capital Partners (UK and Cyprus), focused on investments that could offer a stable income to businesses: “While economies remain fragile and commodities are being devalued on the Stock Exchange Markets, inflation in the US and UK are relatively low, we have reached the conclusion that there can be no riskless return on investment” he stated.

Whilst Analysts fear for the shrinking Chinese economy, growth figures could have a negative impact for other economies around the globe. Andrew Tinney, Partner at KPMG Singapore suggests that China “will do all the necessary effort to maintain growth, otherwise the social cohesion of the country could potentially fall apart”.