Ministry of Internal Affairs: Greece refuses to pay IMF

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As per the state of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Greece, Mr Nikos Vutsis stated on a local Greek TV channel that they may not be able to make the next payment as per the agreement of the IMF as originally planned for June 5th as the Greek treasury is currently ‘lacking funds’.
‘Four payments to the IMF totalling €1.6 billion. This money won’t be paid as we do not have it’ he noted. According to the payment schedule, funds must be transferred to the IMF in four parts within the period from June 5th to June 19th.

Earlier in the interview with BBC and the Minister of Finance Mr Yannis Varufakis, stated that Greece made essential concessions during negotiations with the international creditors and expects steps forward from the partners. He noted that the country exit from the eurozone will be a ‘disaster’ for Greece and the Eurozone, however it will mean also the end of the project of single European currency.

This month Greece borrowed funds from the IMF to carry out the next payment, amounting €750 million.

However as it was reported in previous articles, that the German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Scheuble stated that he does not see the necessity to consider any option for Greece, including rendering extra measures of assisstance as ‘Greece firstly has to execute the promised actions’ under the current program of financial aid.