Mario Draghi may refuse to stop QE

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During yesterday’s speech at the IMF headquarters; the ECB President Mario Draghi openly declared that there is no intention to stop the QE (Quantative Easing) programme launched a while ago. Therefore, inspite of the markets negative reaction, there will continue to be a repayment of eurozone bonds until achievement of the objectives are accomplished in full.

Mario Draghi stated that the measures taken by the ECB have had a positive impact not only on the cost of the European assets, but on economic stability of the eurozone, inflation, investments and expenditure. According to Mr Draghi, the majority of European companies arn’t ready to assume economic risk at the moment.

It should be noted that various experts have different opinions with some claiming that the success of said QE program has slowly fizzled out. They consider sharp compression of liquidity to be the main reason for an inefficiency of European QE.