Looking for a Job in Singapore? The Top Trending Industries in 2018

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Α good job in 2018 is not only defined by a high salary; prospects can open for you while choosing one or another industry to work in.

Using the example of Singapore, it is clear that career trends can change at lightspeed. However, at the beginning of a year, it is possible to define the fields which are considered as the most successful in a long-term for a job search.

The last few years have shown an increase in demand for fintech start-ups in Singapore, therefore professional requirements to employees have increased as well. Now, responding to any vacancy in the sphere of financial technologies, you have to be an expert in the field of financial products, the unsurpassed master of digital-marketing and at the same time, it is magnificent to understand fluctuations of the world markets.

Cryptocurrencies and ICO

No matter how you treat the bitcoin movement, it is hard to ignore the current boom on crypto – startups and the companies which primary fields of activity are cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Among the most well-known are- CryptoWallet, FundYourselfNow and CoinGecko

In general, a start-up, regardless of whether it is in the tech sphere or somewhere else, is a good solution for those who want to start with a clean slate or to rejuvenate their careerpath, especially, if you have chosen a trendy activity.

A healthy lifestyle plays into the hands of the fitness centres and personal trainers. Apart from the widely known California Fitness company, you can find some other developing centers which always have great demand for highly skilled personnel. So now fitness related activites are not only a lifestyle, but a good way to earn money.