Limassol: Another Approval for the Luxurious Olympic Resort

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Olympic Resort has recently conditional green light after an initial environmental assessment in Limassol.

Vassos Koumbaros has stated that the building consists of apartments, swimming pools, a spa, a gym and parking will become the 2nd such high rise in the community within other one just completed.

The 35 floor building is expected to start construction in the second half of 2018 at the cost of a whopping EUR € 80 million and aims to be completed within the next 3 years.

Leonetti Co Ltd, the business behind the project, needs to meet the required conditions set by the environment department. One of the requirements is to construct a groundwater disposal plan which inevitably subject to approval.

Following this, the environmental study also states that indigenous shrubs and trees which only require little water must be planted with synthetic grass for the mini golf area.