Levy on Cyprus companies: UPDATED INFORMATION

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Levy on Cyprus companies: UPDATED INFORMATIONAs it is stated on the Department of Registrar of companies of Cyprus website in view of the developments of the last few days and especially the non-operation of Credit Institutions, the annual fee of three hundred fifty Euros (€350) may be paid until the 26th April 2013 instead of 29th March 2013. Therefore, we would like to inform our clients of the new due date for payment. Payments can still be made through Eltoma or by yourself. For payments through ELTOMA please click the link below for payment options http://eltoma-global.com/payment-options.html Alternatively, the levy can be paid electronically by yourself, at https://www.jccsmart.com/. Where this is the case, kindly inform us so as to avoid unnecessary reminders for payment. Please note the final dates for Eltoma to receive levy payments for 2012 and 2013 are as follows: • Levy Payment for 2012 – Last day for Eltoma to receive payment of 350.00 EUR Monday 22nd of April 2013 • Levy Payment for 2013 – Last day for Eltoma to receive payment of 350.00 EUR Monday 24 th of June 2013 Please arrange for Eltoma to receive the NET amount payable to the Registrar of Companies (Eltoma Corporate Services will not incur any Bank Charges on behalf of levy payments).