Inheritance Law

In order for the Cyprus inheritance and succession law to apply, the deceased must be domiciled in Cyprus at the time of his/her death. However, Cyprus law may be applied and regulate succession of movable property that is situated in Cyprus, even though the deceased had his/her domiciled aboard.

In the application it must be stated the personal information of the heirs of the deceased such as their names and their relationship with the deceased and also the value of the movable and immovable property of the deceased.

Furthermore, the person applying for the granting of the letters of administration must swore by an affidavit about the date of death of the deceased and the estimated value of the property and that he/she will administrate the estate of the deceased according to the law. Furthermore, another person shall sign an affidavit as a guarantor of the right and according to the law administration of the deceased’s estate by the person applying for the granting of the letters of administration.

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