In order to be eligible, applicants are required to have a job offer in Singapore from a well-established Singaporean organisation, a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$3,300 (more experienced candidates require higher salaries) and have acceptable qualifications (reputable university degree, professional qualifications, or specialists skills).

The applicants should be assessed on eligibility through the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) prior to applying.

EP Applicants, planning to bring their immediate family through Dependent Pass (DP) application, need to take into account that their salary expectations must represent the income that is to support the family members.

For example, generally speaking, an EP applicant who wishes to bring with them 3 immediate family members, would be required to have a monthly gross salary of between the range of S$5,000- S$12,000 (amount is dependent on their individual application) for their application to be considered by the MOM.

A Dependent Pass can allow family members to live, work (through MOM consent) and study in Singapore.

Note: Due to new regulations, as part of Fair Consideration Framework, the company that wishes to employ the applicant may be required to advertise the job opening to Singaporeans on the Job Bank prior to submitting the EP application, for 14 days, where the most suitable candidate, regardless of nationality must be selected.

Overseas Employers with no Singapore Registered Office are required to:

  • Obtain a Singapore-registered company to act as a local sponsor and apply on the applicants behalf.
  • The local sponsor must apply manually.

Entrepreneurs of any nationality can apply for the Entrepass scheme, granting legitimate residency status in Singapore. Under the scheme, eligible Foreign Entrepreneurs who wish to establish and operate a new business in Singapore may proceed via the entrepreneur, innovator or investor routes.

Application Eligibility:

  • Register or plan to register a private limited company registered with ACRA.
  • If registered, the company must be no more than 6 months old on the application date.

Entrepreneur criteria

The company must have raised funding of at least SGD $100,000 from a government investment vehicle, venture capitalist (VC) or business angel that is recognised as legitimate by a Singapore Government agency. Note: a Shareholder certificate or other documentation must be submitted in support of the application to show significant business experience and a strong entrepreneurial track record.

Examples of Government Agencies include:

  • Any Singapore-based Vertex Ventures.
  • Qualified investors on the Start-up SG Equity Scheme.
  • Venture partners on the Early Stage Venture Fund scheme including venture capital partners & corporate venture capital partners.

Innovator Criteria

  • The Innovator or Innovators Company must own a unique intellectual property right that holds a significant competitive advantage for the company or individual.
  • The innovators company has ongoing research project with an institution under the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (with an A*STAR rating), or an Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore.
  • The innovator must have exceptional technical or domain expertise in an area related to your proposed business.

Investor Criteria

  • Investors must have a sound business track record or a proven background investing in businesses and a willingness to grow new or existing businesses based in Singapore.
  • The investor must show substantial experience as a Senior Management Professional or Executive in a large corporation.

Note: As an EntrePass holder it is possible for immediate family members to apply for Dependent Pass application, subject to the following:

  • You have renewed your pass (you cannot bring in dependent on your first application).
  • Meet the minimum amount required of total business spending.
  • Create the minimum number required of local jobs.

Eltoma has experienced Singapore-based HR Experts on hand to assist with all applications. Please see below for price details, and contact us for any further information or assistance in satisfying the requirements.

Eltoma Corporate Services is proud to announce that we provide a High Quality Visa Service to Commonwealth of Independent State countries as well as Latvia & Estonia.

With Eltoma’s assistance you can obtain a nine-week multi-entry e-visa to Singapore within 3-4 working days. An express e-visa may be provided in as little as 24 hours where required.

On the 1st of December 2009, Singapore Law regarding visa procedures was amended. From this date, individuals wishing to obtain a Singapore Visa are not permitted to do so by applying directly to Singapore Embassies. Visa applications may only be submitted through Official Service Providers, such as Eltoma Corporate Services.

An approved electronic e-visa is emailed to the applicant in a PDF (Acrobat Reader) format which will contain a unique identification number.

This should be printed and be shown together with the international passport and immigration card to the Official Authority at Singapore Passport Control.

It is worth noting that applicants may check the authenticity and expiry date of the e-visa using a free online-checker available on the official site of the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore

The given Singapore e-visa is multi-entry and allows for a nine-week residence in Singapore. Please note that each trip to Singapore using such e-visa may be no longer than 30 days.

Each time you enter Singapore, your international passport will be accordingly stamped allowing to remain for (usually) 30 days.

To apply for a Singapore  e-visa, each application is required to:

  • Complete payment details, ensuring full payment is made.
  • Complete an online application form.
  • Upload a scanned copy of the applicant’s international passport bio data page.
  • Attach a digital scanned colour photograph of the applicant.

e-visa Photograph Requirements:

  • The applicant’s photograph must be taken against a white background.
  • Photograph must be taken within the last 3 months.
  • The face and the head of the applicant must be shown in full on the photograph.
  • Photograph must be of a high quality.

Considerations for the Application Procedure:

  • The applicant’s international passport must be valid for at least six months from the entry-date.
  • The international passport must have blank pages available for a stamp.
  • Each applicant including children should have separate Singapore e-visa.
  • Even if the child does not have his/her own passport or he/she is included into the parent’s international passport, a separate Singapore e-visa for the child must be received. In this case a copy of the child bio data page must be attached to the parent bio data page.
  • Application for a new e-visa when being in Singapore is strictly prohibited
  • In case of a delay with issuing an e-visa or denial for reasons beyond our control, applicants’ costs are not refunded.  However e-visa denials by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore occur very rare.
  • The final decision on e-visa approval and its expiry date is made solely by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. 
  • The applicant is not required to submit any documents verifying work status, hotel booking, insurance or travel tickets.

Eltoma Corporate Services will be happy to assist the residents of the following countries with obtaining a nine-week multi-entry visa to Singapore:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine.
  • Belarus.
  • Georgia.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Armenia.
  • Kyrgyzstan.
  • Moldova.
  • Tajikistan.
  • Turkmenistan.
  • Uzbekistan.
  • Latvia (only for Nepilsoņa Pase / Alien’s Passport holders).
  • Estonia (only for Välismaalase Pass / Alien’s Passport holders).

The Singapore Government is offering Permanent Residence status to individuals who invest directly into the economy using a scheme known as the Global Investor Programme. Using this scheme, investors can choose one of the following options to gain permanent residence status:

Option A: Invest SGD $2.5 million in a new company or business entity or expand an existing company.

Option B: Invest a minimum of SGD $2.5 million into a Global Investor Programme fund that invests in Singapore-based companies.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any Investors can apply under the Global Investor Programme if they have:

  • A substantial business track record and
  • Can show proof of a successful entrepreneurial background.

Application Assessment Criteria

  • The investor must be able to provide a substantial business track record for a minimum of 3 years and produce the company’s audited financial statements for the last 3 years.
  • If the company is in the real estate or construction sector, the turnover must be a minimum of SGD $200 million in the most recent financial year and an average of SGD $200 million each year for the last 3 years.
  • If the company is in other sectors, the turnover must be at least SGD $50 million in the most recent year, and at least SGD $50 million per annum on average for the last 3 years. NB: Several companies can be consolidated to meet the minimum turnover criteria.
  • If the company is privately-owned, the investor needs to have a minimum shareholding of 30%. The role of the investor in the company, including the company’s growth and profitability are also taken into consideration.

Application Procedure

To apply for GIP, you can submit your application according as per the following procedure:

1. An application fee of SGD $7,000 must be made before submitting any application forms.

The time between the payment of the application fee and the submission of application forms along with the supporting documents has to be1 month or less.

*Note: Any bank transferal charges should be paid by the sender and cannot be deducted from the application fee.

2. Downloading, completing & uploading application forms:

  • Form A (application declaration).
  • Form B (declaration for proposed investment).
  • Form C (the payment details form needs to be submitted together with a hard copy of the payment transaction slip).

All forms can be downloaded here.

3. Submit the following supporting documents in hard copy to Contact Singapore.

Additional Criteria

A detailed 5 year business or investment plan with proposed employment and financial forecasts must be submitted (as outlined in Form B). Investors must also fulfill the third year milestones outlined in the business plan and fulfil the business plans within 5 years of the final approval of Singapore Permanent Residency.

Application Assessment & Final Approval

Once the application has been processed, if the qualifying criteria have been met, a face-to-face interview will be organised. If the application is successful, Congratulations! An Approval in Principle will be issued granting Permanent Residence status by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA), which is valid for 6 months.

After Obtaining AIP PR Status

Investors are required to make the SGD $2.5 million investment during this 6-month timeframe of the AIP PR status. The investment must be made directly from the investors personal bank account opened with a Singapore-registered bank.

If you have any questions or require any assistance about the Singapore Global Investor Programme, get in touch. We can help!