Immigration Law


Eltoma Corporate Services offer successful immigration consultancy services, in a number of different jurisdictions worldwide, using local HR and immigration experts privy to the relevant country’s regulations. We offer corporate immigration solutions to businesses and individual visa requirements.

Eltoma Corporate Services employs accredited Immigration Consultants, Qualified Solicitors and ex-Immigration Officers to assist our clients successfully complete their immigration requirements.

Our Immigration services includes:


  • Cyprus Passport – Granting Cyprus Citizenship, including Nationalisation by Exception.
  • Cyprus Work Permits for 3rd Nationals
  • Cyprus Work Permit Holder – Family Reunification
  • Renewal of Cyprus Work Permit
  • Cyprus Residency – EU National, Married/Related to Cypriot National.
  • Cyprus Residency – 3rd National


  • Singapore Employment Pass & Singapore Dependent Pass
  • Singapore EntrePass – Eligible Foreign Entrepreneurs
  • Singapore Travel Visa Services for Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)