Japan plans to construct their own ‘One Belt One Road’ plan

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Japan is due to release a proposal to the United States, Australia and India regarding constructing ports and accelerated road networks from Asia to Africa.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe is due to present the idea to the remaining parties involved and to US President Donald Trump on Monday the 6th of November, according to Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

Inevitably, the new proposal is in response to China’s cross-continent ‘One Belt One Road’ plan.

The new Japanese initiative will be beneficial for India. Moreover, if the plan between the four countries goes ahead, India will then be able to minimise China’s aim to establish economic influence in the region through their Belt and Road plan. The Chinese initiative also runs through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir which is opposed to by India.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has proposed the idea that the US and New Delhi build roads and ports together across South Asia to Asia-Pacific in response to China’s “Belt and Road” plan, according to the Hindustan Times.