Japan: Long working hours lead to more karoshi-related deaths

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Itsuo Sekigawa’s son Satoshi started working for a distinguished manufacturer but sadly a year later, he took his own life in 2010. The investigation team believe that extreme working hours are the cause for Satoshi’s suicide.

According to sources, it was considered to be an early day if Satoshi went home at 9pm, however if there was still work to do, he would continue working until midnight.

Following this, the Japanese term of karoshi translates to death from overwork. Originally, it came about in the 1970s with regards to Japanese work culture in which employees would suffer heart failure or commit suicide due to long working hours.

The state broadcaster in Japan, NHK, has recently revealed that Miwa Sado, one of their reporters, sadly passed away from heart failure. Inevitably, this was the unfortunate result of karoshi as she was working 14 hour days consecutively. Sado’s parents are accusing the broadcasting network of covering up her death due to it taking the network 4 years to reveal the details of the death.