Iran states it could co-operate on gas with Cyprus

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iranian-dudeCyprus and Iran have had their ups and downs in recent times but good times are coming. Iran’s Ambassador has recently visited Nicosia to declare that they can develop (with Cyprus) a good cooperation to manage the production of gas and also to make Cyprus a country which can be considered a gate for exporting gas to Europe. However, as the Ambassador highlighted, it will depend on the future of Iran’s relations with the EU. If there is a breakthrough in relations, which he is very hopeful to see happen after the recent election in Iran, then the possibilities are there and they can expand the cooperation in oil and gas with Cyprus to a large extent. After the 14th Election, Hasan Rouhani won again with an impressive 72.2 per cent of the Iranian electorate turned up for the vote, securing a first round victory for Rouhani with 50.7% per cent of vote. The former nuclear negotiator’s success was considered more of a surprised given that before the election he argued in favour of direct talks with archenemy, the US, in nuclear talks, something considered a taboo among the Iranian leadership. Iran’s Ambassador when visiting Cyprus highlighted the importance of Cyprus. He stated Cyprus is a very delicate crossroad which makes it worthy of further attention. Iran would like to explore cooperation with Cyprus in many other fields such as economic, cultural and educational fields.