International Risk Review

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International Risk ReviewEltoma would like to draw your attention to potential business risk associated with trading in overseas countries. The headlines below highlight some of the recent changes that have impacted the risk environment. AFRICA Kenya: The risk profile remains healthy and points to steady growth in 2013. Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe’s seventh consecutive term as president marks an increase in political and economic risk. MIDDLE EAST Egypt: The risk outlook stabilises as the new regime consolidates its position with help of Gulf States. Syria: External military intervention will not change the dynamics of the conflict in Syria. WESTERN EUROPE Italy: Rising political tension opens up the possibility of early elections. United Kingdom: Economic growth will be higher than expected in 2013. EASTERN EUROPE Kyrgyz Republic: The business environment deteriorates amid a worsening security situation. Turkmenistan: Gas exports and high public investment underpin strong growth. ASIA PACIFIC China: Serious credit risks are already stored up in the financial system. Malaysia: Private and public consumption keep economic activity buoyant. AMERICAS Brazil: Economic output surprises on the upside in the second quarter. Uruguay: The senate approves a controversial large-scale mining bill despite protests.