International Risk Review

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man-318584_640#Eltoma Corporate Services would like to draw your attention to the potential business risks associated with trading in overseas countries. The headlines below highlight some of the recent changes that have impacted the risk environment. AFRICA Tunisia: Policy instability and security volatility mar the short-term outlook. Uganda: An IMF report underlines the healthy economic growth outlook. MIDDLE EAST Egypt: Concerns remain about political stability and economic sustainability. Qatar: The external position remains strong but will come under growing pressure. WESTERN EUROPE Turkey: Economic and security concerns undermine the risk outlook. United Kingdom: The short-term economic outlook continues to improve. EASTERN EUROPE Serbia: The process of recovery from the recent floods begins in earnest. Slovakia: The risk of expropriation increases as the government makes moves on the energy sector. ASIA PACIFIC REGION South Korea: External economic growth remains excellent however policymakers are still anxious. Singapore: Overall growth declines as domestic industries go through a rebalancing phase. AMERICAS Argentina: The country defaults on sovereign debt for the second time in 13 years. Venezuela: Political risk remains elevated as the trial of a key opposition figure commences.