International Risk Review

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international business risksEltoma Holdings Limited would like to draw your attention to potential business risks associated with trading in overseas countries. The headlines below highlight some of the recent changes that have impacted the risk environment. AFRICA Cameroon: Rising oil production and robust demand for commodities boost growth prospects. Ghana: Ghana’s country risk rating is downgraded due to rising inflation and a depreciating currency. MIDDLE EAST Iran: The country risks being dragged into Iraq’s long-lasting civil conflict. Oman: Falling oil revenues continue to undermine the fiscal position. WESTERN EUROPE Germany: Insolvency risk continues to fall and forward-looking indicators are encouraging. United Kingdom: The short-term economic outlook continues to improve. EASTERN EUROPE Bulgaria: The government collapses amid growing regional tension. Czech Republic: Export growth provides a boost to the domestic economy. ASIA PACIFIC China: The outlook deteriorates amid debt concerns and a housing market reversal. Indonesia: Tension mounts ahead of the upcoming presidential election. AMERICAS Canada: Consumer spending drives short-term economic growth prospects. Uruguay: The political landscape becomes clearer after presidential candidates are elected.