International Risk Review

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business risks reviewEltoma Corporate Services would like to draw your attention to potential business risks associated with trading in overseas countries. The headlines below highlight some of the recent changes that have impacted the risk environment. AFRICA Angola: Investment and diversification efforts boost non-oil generated tax revenues. Sudan: Political, security and economic instability weigh on the outlook. MIDDLE EAST Egypt: A low presidential election turnout highlights a lack of support for the political system. Oman: Government policy retains its focus on national grievances to ease political risk. WESTERN EUROPE Denmark: Denmark’s country risk rating is upgraded amid signs of a sustained recovery. Germany: Insolvency risk is falling but payments performance is on a deteriorating trend. EASTERN EUROPE Croatia: Rising imports and heavy debt servicing costs drain FX reserves. Czech Republic: Czech Republic’s country risk rating is upgraded amid a successful monetary stimulus policy. ASIA PACIFIC China: Corruption and corporate governance could threaten long-term growth. Indonesia: Political risk worsens amid mounting uncertainty over the presidential election. AMERICAS Chile: Slowing economic growth restricts planned government reforms. Costa Rica: A new era of political agreement now appears to be possible.