In accordance to statistics released for worldwide offshore company registrations, the majority of offshore jurisdictions have encountered a decline in company incorporation activity

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images (2)Although, other jurisdictions as Mauritius, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Isle of Man are seeing signs of recovery from previous statistics and hopes to the return of 2009 statistics are now optimistic. Market experts have rightly indicated that uncertainty in the market place has also been heavily impacted by global events as:
US Presidential Elections,
Uncertainty in the Eurozone, and
The decade change of leadership in China
Major events as the above, have a great impact on consumer confidence. In addition, a chain of events within a small period greatly impact on a global financial crisis. In comparison, Cyprus – a well-known jurisdiction for foreign registration of international businesses had a stable number of company formations however was largely impacted by the bank crisis. Eltoma Corporate Services statistics show that from the period starting June 2013, a stable increase in incorporation and enquiries for Cyprus. As the banking crisis is being resolved, signs of a stable and slow recovery are now evident in the market place of Cyprus for company formations. Upon the lift of all capital controls Eltoma Corporate Services, is predicting a faster recovery within a stronger and regulated banking system for the Island.