New Immigration and Citizenship rules in Cyprus

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Immigration and Citizenship rules in Cyprus Holiday home and Cyprus Citizenship If you are looking for a fantastic place to live and work Cyprus is offering many attractions. Cyprus is an island which is located in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Greek part of Cyprus has developed infrastructure, mild sea climate and friendly population. The Cyprus government has managed to create very friendly business environment which attracted many foreigners to do business through Cyprus. Cyprus offshore companies are widely used in international tax planning, assets holding, etc. In particular, Cyprus trading companies and Cyprus holding companies are of the most interest. The Cypriot government is trying to give a boost to its economy. Recently, the Cyprus government has secured €1.3bn of EU funding for Cyprus based business over the period of 2014 to 2020. Cyprus companies can access those funds through Cyprus government agencies.
Residency or Citizenship are one of meny incentives given to individuals that invest in Cypurs.
One of the recent proposals is lowering of investment requirements to get a residency or citizenship in Cyprus. For obtaining residency in Cyprus only €300,000 of real estate investments are required with €30,000 deposit on a Cyprus private bank account to ensure that a person has enough funds to maintain him or herself. Eltoma Corporate Services has experience and expertise to provide full support to obtain a residence or work visas and can assist with getting Cypriot citizenship.