ICOs Becoming Exclusive as Wealthy Investors Capture More and More Deals

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Initial Coin Offerings have raised USD $18 billion for blockchain startups in 2018, which is almost 5 times the total last year, according to sources.

The top ICOs to be aware of going in Q3 are Qravity, Coti, Explorio, Akropolis, ImmVRse, Pool of Stake, AITrading, Arround, Free Market Token & Hedera Hashgraph.

The boost in ICOs is increasingly resulting from blockbuster sales which targeted accredited investors rather just anyone with an internet connection. Moreover, Telegram raised USD $1.7 billion that way, apparently prompting it to dismiss a public sale.

Amongst the 10 largest ICOs in 2018 are Tatatu’s USD $575 million sale and Basis’s USD $133 million one, which are all conducted through private rounds.

Moreover, many startups are finding it much easier to raise funds from private investors, whose interest in digital assets has also substantially grown. And so this has now made cryptocurrencies more like venture investing, which can either mean the company is growing up or selling out, depending on who you ask.