The HMRC has started sending personalised Post-it notes to tax evaders

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HMRC in the UK has started sticking Post-it notes written by hand on letters sent to tax evaders in a new attempt to encourage payment, and has recorded a high response rate, as they expand their use of a range of psychological strategies to inspire greater compliance.
The notes are believed to have a personal message: “Give me a call, if you would like to discuss these matters” followed by a telephone number and first name only.

A spokesperson for the HMRC stated: “We have used research demonstrating the effectiveness of concise handwritten notes, placed on top of letters, to help our clients understand the options available to them.”

The spokesman also said the HMRC maintains full records of such communication and reported that the personalised method has proven extremely effective to encourage clients to willfully remove themselves from tax avoidance schemes. In spite of the apparent success, they have not yet released any statistics regarding the new approach.