Cyprus awarding highest salaries for Judges and Teachers

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A report issued by the Treasury revealed that employees on the state payroll in Cyprus are totaling almost 40,000 on average and a monthly gross salary of €2.398.
The report was issued for the first time this year, stating the total number of employees that are receiving a monthly paycheck from the government are 39,159. In total the payroll tab per month adds up to almost €104 million, without including allowances and the state’s contribution to Civil Servants’ benefits.

Those that are employed by the Judiciary receive the highest monthly salary with an average of €5,235, while employees of the security forces are receiving the least with an average of €2,287 per month. While civil servants receive an average of €2,398, teachers are getting paid €3,267 on average.

As the Treasury specifies in the report, 17,336 civil servants make up 44.3% of the total and are paid €41.5 million. Security staff, being 9.680 or 24.7% of the total employees, absorbs €22 million per month. The Judiciary consists of 191 employees, comprising 0.5% of the total; receive a total government paycheck of €1 million per month. Last but not least, Teachers including other educational administrative staff, total €11,952, and they are getting paid €39 million per month.

As the Treasury states, the increase was mostly recorded in the past two years due to mass voluntary retirements.