Green Olives Get Their Own Annual Festival in Episkopi, Cyprus

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Green olives or elies tsakistes (Ελιές τσακιστές) as they’re known in Greek, recently received the recognition they deserve for being such an integral part of Cyprus’ food and culture.
The olive festival will be the first of its kind and will be based in the village known for its vast array of olive trees- Episkopi.

Festivities took place at the olive mill in Episkopi village. Guests will be able to sample the oil, visit the olive mill and an exhibition of the history of the village. Afterwards visitors could watch Cypriot traditional dances accompanied by Cypriot music, watch a documentary about olives.

Entrance to the first annual “Tsakisti Elia Festival” was free for all guests and there will, of course, be olive products for sale as well as plenty of food and drinks. The festival is expected to take place every September – October indefinitely.

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