Greece will support any sanctions against Russia

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The reports from Germany have released a statement, that Greece has agreed with the extension of sanctions against Russia at the EU summit which will take place in June. The agreement on this with Athens has been reached in March. Earlier the Bloomberg agency has put Greece in line with other potential ‘refusers’ of the sanctions: i.e. Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Spain.

The relations of Russia with the West have worsened due to the political situation in Ukraine. Previously the EU and the US imposed sanctions in relation to financial, oil and military fields of the Russian economy.
On April 9th, during a visit to Moscow Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s Prime Minister has declared that Russia-EU relations need to be reset to prevent any international challenges regarding power, cooperation and civilian displacement.

Earlier, On April 8th, the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mr Tsipras have discussed the issues in as well as the EU sanctions. In particular, Putin has stated Russia interest in the full implementation of the Minsk arrangements in the east of Ukraine. Mr Tsipras has noted that Greece disagrees with logic of sanctions imposed against Russia, and that such measures may be named an open economic war.