Google: Employees Sign Protest Letter Regarding China Search Engine

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A substantial amount of Google employees have signed a protest letter over the firm’s reported work on a censor-friendly search engine to return into China.

According to sources, the employees are requesting more transparency so that they can understand the moral implications of their work.

The respective employees have also expressed concerns that Google is violating its own ethical principles.

The protest letter has been signed by a total of 1,400 employees and is said to be continuing to circulate in the company’s internal communications system.

The letter argues that the search engine proposal and Google’s alleged willingness to accept China’s censorship requirements create concern regarding ethical and moral issues.

The letter calls on executives to reevaluate transparency and ethics at the company. The letter also states that employees are lacking the necessary information and that the employees only found out about project Dragonfly, the project’s current nickname, through reports in the media.