GIBRALTAR: New proposed legislation amending the LLP Act

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The Government of Gibraltar has called for a public consultation on the amendment of the suggested UK legislation regarding the Limited Liability Partnership Act.
The HMRC’s government in Gibraltar published a statement earlier this month calling for a public consultation regarding the proposed legislation for the Private Foundations Act 2015 and the LLPs Act (Amendment) Regulations 2015. The consultation process will enable the government in the UK to engage directly with professionals in the private sector on essential issues remotely.

The proposed regulations respective to UK Limited Liability Partnerships will be issued by way of a notification and the subsequent circulation will occur via the Finance Centre Council. Anyone wishing to respond to the public call should send their submissions to Paul Astengo, Gibraltar Finance, Suite 761 Europort, Gibraltar by the closing date of the 30th November 2015.

The proposed legislation completes the legislative measure on which the Government has worked on with the Finance Centre Council.