Gas Leak in Northern China Causes Death of 23 People

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On November 30th, in the north of China in the small city of Zhangjiakou, where part of the Winter Olympic Games of 2022 will be held; an explosion took place. The explosion was caused by a gas leak at the PVC plant of the Chinese company Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co. ChemChina. Then, vinyl chloride spread outside the plant, reaching the highway where it ignited with an open flame.

According to witnesses, a truck with flammable chemicals exploded upon entering the factory, which caused the arson of nearby vehicles. The blast damaged 38 trucks, 12 cars. 22 people were injured, and unfortunately 23 died. Now the police are looking for those responsible; 15 representatives of Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co.ChemChina are currently under arrest for negligence.