Frozen Uzbekistan funds in Swiss accounts

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Switzerland has agreed to freeze funds in Swiss bank accounts that are suspected to be in connection with the Uzbekistan President’s daughter, after a request from the US was received.
The Swiss justice ministry granted a request for legal assistance in the case involving Gulnara Karimova in June. A ministry’s spokesperson didn’t put a number on the exact figure that has been frozen, but said that is less than $640 million (CHF 598 million), according to a report by the Wall Street Journal newspaper. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has already iced more than CHF 800 million.

An ongoing investigation by the federal prosecutors have been looking into Gulnara Karimova’s finances since 2012. As it seems, the primary focus of the investigation is regarding how Uzbek telecommunications contracts were allocated and what the role of Miss Karimova was. As a result of this investigation, six more people have entered the investigation on suspicion of money laundering and document forgery in that case.

Miss Karimova who was a permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, is now a former Ambassador of the UN. Regarding the case, the police carried out a raid on her property in Geneva in 2013 whilst searching for evidence.