France and Poland Feud over cheap EU Labour Rule

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On the 25th of August, The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, targeted Warsaw for declining vigorous proposals to reconstruct a controversial EU rule on cheap labour. This, inevitably, provoked an enraged reaction from Poland.
The respective rules permit cheap workers to be sent to a richer country without abiding by all local labour rules. So far, President Macron has welcomed the support of the Slovak and Czech prime ministers for the overhaul of the rules. However, Poland’s prime minister, Beata Szydlo, in Warsaw, has stated that she will not relinquish their opposition.

The press conference was held at the coastal city of Varna in Bulgaria in which Macron remarked that Europe was constructed on public freedoms that Poland rejects.

Beata Szydlo’s response was that she believes his derogatory comments were the result of political inexperience and wishes that the French President will be more restrained in the future.

The remarks were made on Macron’s last day of his short tour through Austria, Bulgaria and Romania. The aim of the tour is to seek support for amending the supposed Posted Workers Directive at an EU summit on Oct 19th-20th.