Facebook 'Fact-Checking' Photos and Videos

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On Thursday the 29th March, Facebook Inc has stated that it started “fact-checking” photos and videos to minimise the false new stories and hoaxes that have afflicted the world’s largest social media network.

For months, Facebook have faced severe backlash from users who complain about a range of issues such as the spread of fake news to the use of the social network to manipulate elections. This is also alongside the harvesting of approximately 50 million people’s Facebook data by the political consultancy, Cambridge Analytica.

In addition, manipulated photos and videos are another growing issue on social media.

Back in January, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the social network would priortise news deemed trustworthy by implementing member surveys to find high-quality sources.

Facebook’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, stated that the company was not only worried about false facts but also different kinds of fake statements.

Shares in the social network closed up 4.4% at USD $159.79 on Thursday after a turbulent two weeks. Moreover, it also remained down more than 13% from the 16th of March when Facebook made public the Cambridge Analytica data leak.