Expats: Hong Kong Offers Better Jobs than Singapore

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According to HSBC Expat Explorers Survey, 24% of expats in Hong Kong think that they have fantastic job opportunities compared to the 19% expats in Singapore. Jakarta follow Hong Kong, as 18% expats in Jakarta say that they have great job opportunities in the country. Sahnghai (16%), Mobmai (14%), Kuala Lumpur (10%) and Taipei (3%) follow accordingly.

57% of expats in San Francisco said that they have fantastic job opportunities making it the top-scoring city in the survey. San Francisco also offers the second highest average expat income in the world (USD $207,227).

Expats in Singapore think the city can offer an affordable cost of living, clean and safe public space, reliable and convenient public transport, an excellent base to explore and travel, great leisure facilities, and great restaurants/quality of food.

The average expats’ income in Singapore is USD $117,904 which is higher than the global average (USD $99,903). 65% of them think that earn more disposable income than in their home country. 21% think that there is no difference while global average shows that 57% think their disposable income is higher than in their home countries.

Hong Kong precedes Singapore as the most attractive country for foreign talent according to the Fourth Annual World Talent Ranking by the World Competitiveness at IMD. Singapore ranked 41st in investment and development terms and 17th in terms of appeal.