EC President pleased with Cyprus' efforts for recovery of the economy

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According to his statement, European Council President Donald Tusk is pleased with Cyprus’ efforts to help with economic recovery and urging Cypriots to maintain the momentum.
President Tusk continued, stating that it is important to maintain momentum and advance on structural reforms, as this will strengthen public finances and lay the ground for sustained growth and job creation for the present and future. President Nicos Anastasiades briefed President Tusk regarding the recent developments in the area of energy in the Mediterranean along with the prospects they have created and how these developments will assist Europe’s energy needs.

During the meeting, the EC President stated that the reunification talks between the two leaders are promising and he believes there to be a real chance for the island to reunite. However, the next few months will be very critical as obstacles needs to be eliminated for mutual understanding and trust. President Tusk added that the EU supports the settlement process and is ready to provide practical support to both communities, something that would benefit the UN greatly.

‘A historic moment is at hand; let me assure you that I am ready to do whatever it takes not to miss this one. To the benefit of all of Cyprus, and of Europe.’

– President Anastasiades.

President Anastasiades reassured President Tusk that he is fully committed to work together with Akinci for a settlement to become a modern model of ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic cooperation and coexistence.