Europe and China close friends again

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China and Europe together again
The economic and political bonds between Europe and China have come a little bit closer to what they once were in the early 2000’s, as China’s Premier Li Keqiang has been making his way around Europe which is now the third visit since he came to office in 2013.
Visit to the UK
ChinaWhilst he was visiting the UK meeting with senior diplomats the Prime Minister David Cameron and Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, deals on energy, finance and trade were signed estimated to be worth 14 billion pounds.
Visit to Greece
The economically battered country of Greece was also on his list of places to visit within the EU, where he showed his support for the recovery programs put in place by Athens and over saw the signing of trade and investment accords worth $4.6 billion.
Closer trade ties
This is all leading to the idea that things are on the up between China and Europe. Annual trade between them exceeds 550 billion US Dollars with more than 5 million visits between them each year, it’s not all a one way Street as the EU’s direct investments into China have increased to 6.5 billion USD in 2013 which is almost a 22% rise, Chinas investments rose by 6.2% to 3.6 billion.
Help with the future
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