EU Business Leaders Reduce UK Investment

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Brexit has caused nearly half of large companies from the rest of the EU bloc to cut investment in Britain.

The survey created by law firm Baker & McKenzie also highlights that ¾ of bosses wanted Brussels to issue concessions to the UK in order to ensure a better trading relationship after Brexit kicks in in early 2019.

BDI industry group in Germany warned Britain that they are facing a very disorderly Brexit which could have extremely disastrous consequences.

Furthermore, Airbus have said that a withdrawal without any deal would push them to revisit its long-term position and put thousands of British jobs in jeopardy.

On the other hand, Theresa May’s spokeswoman said that the government was confident of receiving a good deal. Moreover, the Bank of England has also hinted at the EU for not doing enough to help avoid unprecedented disruption to the financial system after Brexit.